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Louise Moody, Schumacher PackagingFor Schumacher Packaging UK, offering employees access to The Printing Charity’s free, confidential helpline is the business’ first step in providing practical and emotional support to the team.

The priority for Head of HR, Louise Moody, was to give employees access to a support resource quickly. She had implemented The Printing Charity’s helpline in a previous role, so she knew that it would achieve this goal. Importantly, at a busy time for the business, Louise knew that the helpline would be straightforward to roll out, with no ongoing management required on Schumacher’s side.

“Supporting employee wellbeing is in Schumacher’s top three priorities, and we know that members of our team are going through a difficult time right now, with the cost of living crisis”, Louise explains. “Having worked with The Printing Charity before, I knew how good the helpline was, and I also knew that it provided a wide range of practical, emotional and financial support options, all of which are needed.”

Letting the team know about the helpline

To launch the helpline, Louise sent an email to the whole organisation explaining The Printing Charity and our helpline. She then distributed posters supplied by us around the business, ensuring they were displayed in some unusual, inventive and unmissable locations.

“We had really good feedback when the helpline launched, but we did hear from a small number of people who hadn’t noticed the posters on the walls”, she says. “As a result, we thought outside the box and decided to make some small changes to how we promoted it, including putting posters up in the toilets, because they’re somewhere everyone is likely to visit; and also, because they’re a personal space where it could be easier to take down details of the helpline discreetly.”

Looking to the future, Louise plans to re-promote the helpline when the rest of Schumacher’s wellbeing resources are in place. She recommends The Printing Charity helpline to anyone at the start of implementing an employee wellbeing strategy, as an effective, easy to implement resource providing rounded practical, emotional and financial support for their team. 

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