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The Rising Star Awards offer grants for training or equipment so young people working in the wider print industry can reach their career goals. For any of those out there who are unsure whether to apply, we’ve answered some typically asked questions here. 


Once you are ready, fill out our application form before the 7th March and you could be in with a chance to be named a 2021 Rising Star. 

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What is the criteria for entry?

The Rising Star Awards are open to:

  • Those who have a right to reside in the UK 
  • Those aged 18-30 at the time of your application  
  • Individuals working in the print, paper, publishing, and packaging sectors  
  • Individuals studying for sector-specific qualifications 

Are those that are self employed or currently on an internship eligible? 

Yes! We welcome applications from those who are working in the industry on a temporary or self employed basis (e.g. interns). We will want to hear about your long term career plans and how you intend to progress within the print/paper/publishing/packaging sector. We’ll also want to hear about your journey to where you are now and what other experience and training you have. 

If successful I’d like to put the funding towards a Diploma. I would be making up the remainder of the course fee in conjunction with the Rising Star funding. Is this ok?

Yes! We are happy to receive applications to part fund a qualification, where the remainder of the cost will be made up by either an employer or the applicant.  We would encourage you to explain why this is the right course for you, and describe how you will meet the additional costs.  

Can I apply for funding for a Chartered Institute of Marketing qualification, when I work in publishing?

Yes! We encourage all applicants to research the right course for them, whether that’s to improve a core or soft skill. Talking to a manager or mentor about the choice of course so they can validate that it’s the right fit is also a great idea. We’ll be keen to hear why you’ve chosen the course, and how you think it will benefit you in the short and longer term. We recognise that our sector is multi faceted, within which you can be a finance specialist, a marketing specialist, or a project manager, so it’s best to gain a tailored qualification.

Am still eligible for the Rising Star Awards if I apply before I turn 30 this year?

This is an opportunity for those aged 18 to 30. Essentially this means that applicants can not have had their 31st birthday. We stipulate that you should be 30 or below when you apply.

I know a young person who continually impresses me in their commitment to the industry. Can I nominate them for an award?

Successful Rising Stars are awarded grants for training or equipment to help them in their career. If you can think of someone you would nominate, why not talk to them about the skills or training they might need for their career path. You can help them fill out the application form but we ask that all applications come from the individual.

What percentage of applicants are successful in getting an award?

Each application is considered on its own merit, which means that each year, a different percentage of applicants receive a Rising Star Award – typically, this is circa 60%.  

The reason that the majority of applications do not proceed to interview, is because the applicants are asking for something we do not support. Our Frequently Asked Questions detail what we can and can’t help with. 

If you are unsuccessful, so long as you are 29 or under, you can apply again next year.  We will happily give you feedback regarding your application if you request it.  

How long do I have to spend the award money?

We like all award winners to have spent their money on their chosen courses or equipment within a 12 month time frame. This may mean that you plan to undertake a course in November for example, in which we’d just ask you to let us know your intended start date in your application form. 

I’ve completed so much online and free training during the past 12 months, is it worth doing paid-for courses?

We would encourage everyone to boost their personal development, and if this is via free online training, that’s great. However, certified, paid-for training, can often offer a recognisable qualification for your CV and provide best of breed learning. 

Can I use a Rising Star Award for community benefit?

Yes! Where there is a clear and proven community benefit, such as passing on new skills, we are pleased to support community organisations.

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