How a Rising Star Award has an ongoing positive impact on industry careers

Brandon Hartley

The Rising Star Awards are the largest dedicated awards programme for young people aged 18-30 building a career in our sectors. Winners receive grants of up to £1500 to invest in personal and professional development that will build skills to help them shine in their career.

We spoke to Brandon Hartley, Board Machine Operative at Iggesund Paperboard and a winner of the 2017 Print Futures Awards (the precursor to the Rising Stars), about his win and where it has taken him in his career over the last 7 years…

How long have you been working in the paper making industry?

I have been working in the paper industry eight years. I was one of two in the UK who started on the governments ‘trailblazing’ paper-making apprenticeship scheme.

What positive impact has the award had for you, and for your career?

My award still has a profoundly positive impact on both my personal and professional development. I invested the grant in technology [equipment funding was included as an option in Print Futures, which it is not in Rising Stars] to significantly enhance my efficiency at work.

The investment helped me to become more organised and improved my communication and collaboration within the team, while also opening up opportunities for me to take on more responsibilities. The impact of my Award extends beyond personal convenience, creating a positive ripple effect that continues to contribute to a more effective and successful professional journey.

My message to potential Rising Star applicants:

For those considering applying for a Rising Star Award in 2024, my advice is to seize the opportunity wholeheartedly. This award serves as a powerful catalyst for personal and professional growth. This recognition not only serves as a validation of your efforts but provides valuable learning to further your professional development.

Applying for the Rising Star Award in 2024 is a golden opportunity that shouldn’t be missed. The award not only acknowledges your current achievements but also signals a belief in your potential to shape the future of your field.

2024 Rising Star Award applications are now closed.

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