How financial support helped Mark move into his ideal home

Mark worked in the printing trade for more than 30 years, but had to stop working to become his wife’s carer.

After giving up work, Mark suffered with poor mental health, as well as physical health issues. Mark and his wife were living in private rented accommodation, which was becoming increasingly unaffordable. When the local housing association offered them their ideal home, a bungalow, Mark was very worried that they would be unable to take it, as they simply could not afford to move.

Signposting to Printing Charity support

It was at this point that Mark contacted the charity Turn2Us for advice, and was directed to get in touch with the Printing Charity because of his career in print.

“Our ideal home came up just when we needed it, and at an affordable rent – but at the wrong time, because I didn’t have sufficient savings to cover moving costs,” Mark recalls. “I couldn’t work out how we were going to manage.”

The Printing Charity helped Mark with moving costs, to ensure that he and his wife could secure the accommodation they needed. Alongside this, the charity provided funds for essentials including a cooker and a washing machine. Mark also received overall financial support to help with the ongoing cost of living.

“The Printing Charity helped us through everything. Their support meant that my wife and I could move into the new house and ensure it was suitably equipped, which was an outlay we could not have managed.”

It can be hard to ask for help, but it’s worth it

It was not easy for Mark to make the decision to contact the Printing Charity and discuss the help that might be available in his situation. While he knew that things were not going well for him, and that without asking for help, things would only become worse, he felt ashamed of the position in which he found himself. “Men especially don’t like talking,” he says, “But when you speak to the charity, it’s fine, they put you at ease. The help I received was way more than I was expecting, and it felt like nothing was too much for the people at the charity to sort out.” 

Mark is keen to encourage anyone who may be facing their own difficulties to get in touch with the charity for that first conversation. “Don’t be scared, just ring,” he urges. “When I did that, all my worries were put at ease. The Printing Charity took the pressure away.”

It starts with a conversation. Please get in touch at or call 01293 542 820.

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