How the Printing Charity helpline bolsters other mental wellbeing resource

Dan Johnston, Cardboard Box Co

The Cardboard Box Company on our helpline within their mental wellbeing resource suite

The Cardboard Box Company provides employees with a wide range of mental wellbeing support recently bolstered by access to the Printing Charity’s free, confidential and independent 24/7/365 helpline.

Dan Johnston, Cardboard Box Company Managing Director, explains why he’s pleased to be providing the helpline to his team.

Important open conversations

“We’re proud to offer mental wellbeing support to our team in a variety of ways. I think it’s important for any business. We have an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), professionally trained Mental Health First Aiders and recently have been involved with Mates in Mind, an initiative that has helped our leadership team be more open about mental wellbeing and how the business can support all our team,” he explains.

Open conversation is high on the Cardboard Box Company’s wellbeing agenda, and Dan credits the various initiatives that are in place for employees, as well as the training undertaken, as being a huge step in the right direction.

Creating a rounded wellbeing support offer

Our helpline makes sense for the Cardboard Box Company because of their consistent focus on team wellbeing. “Anything that offers mental health wellbeing and support to the team is a positive. The helpline is another way of providing that support to our team,” Dan says.

He credits our helpline as playing a key part in ensuring that their suite of wellbeing resources is a rounded offering. “We’ve had individual support offerings for our colleagues in the past, but the challenge was that there was no cohesion between them, and as a result we struggled to get traction and encourage people to use what was available to them. The feedback we got was that, in general, people are embarrassed to ask for help or advice. Having clear signposting to where we can talk further and a broad spectrum of subjects covered is something we simply haven’t had before. Hopefully the challenge we had before is now addressed, and behind us.”

How to access the Printing Charity’s free helpline

Organisations in the packaging sector, along with those in print, paper, graphics and publishing, can join the Cardboard Box Company in making the Printing Charity’s free, confidential 24/7/365 helpline available for their employees. Find out more the helpline, and contact our friendly team on

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