How the Printing Charity’s free helpline is helping people working in the packaging sector

Judith Chadwick

Board24 on caring for employee wellbeing in the packaging sector

The Printing Charity is here for people working in trades allied to print, including the world of packaging. We chatted to Judith Chadwick, Head of HR at packaging company Board24, about their organisation’s focus on mental wellbeing.

A range of mental wellbeing resources

“Mental health is important to us all, and as employers we believe we should support our colleagues however we can,” Judith explains.

To do this, Board24 have a comprehensive range of resources and support in place as part of their Wellbeing Commitment. Alongside the helpline, these include a wellbeing events programme; an Employee Assistance Programme, offering a wide range of resources and professional support; Mental Health First Aiders; and training in Mental Health for all leaders in the organisation.

The organisation makes the most of these resources to encourage open conversation about mental wellbeing in the workplace. “We host Mental Health Awareness events which provide material,” says Judith. “Our leaders are trained and supported to ensure that asking how people are is part of the regular conversations they have with their teams.”

Sector-specific support

“We are keen to provide a range of wellbeing resources to our colleagues to give them choice,” Judith says. “And the fact that the charity is for our sector, makes it feel that bit more relevant.”

Judith is positive about how the helpline enables Board24 to adopt a well-balanced approach to taking care of the team’s mental wellbeing, as part of the existing wellbeing policy, even though the company is at the start of the relationship with the charity. “It’s early days yet for us with the helpline, however we have been able to advise people with specific issues where the Printing Charity can help them,” she says.

How to access the Printing Charity’s free helpline

The Printing Charity’s free, confidential 24/7/365 helpline is there for everyone working in the packaging sector, as well as print, paper, graphics and publishing. Find out more about the helpline, and contact our friendly team on to discuss rolling the service out to your employees, too.

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