How to Find Happiness at Work

International Happiness at Work Week runs from 25th to 29th September, and with an entire week dedicated to happiness, why not try some of these ideas to help you and your colleagues be happy in the workplace.

What is Happiness at Work Week?

This week is not just an excuse to bring donuts to the office (although donuts can indeed make many people very happy). It’s a whole week dedicated to exploring and enhancing the happiness factor in our workplaces. It’s about nurturing meaningful work, healthy relationships, personal development, and having fun.

Happy employees bring positivity to the workplace, creating a ripple effect that can boost the morale of the entire team. Happy people are also often more engaged, creative, and productive, so it can have great benefits for your employer too.

Small acts of kindness

One of the remarkable things about Happiness at Work Week is how it highlights the power of small acts of kindness. Something as simple as a ‘thank you’ note, a compliment, or sharing a funny meme can brighten someone’s day. Don’t underestimate the magic of these little gestures.

Over at Imageco, Director Nathan Swinson-Bullough does small gestures for his team that provide a break from the norm. “We try to keep everyone happy at work by creating a relaxed, productive and colourful environment. Buying a round of breakfast sandwiches now and again helps, and we always show appreciation towards staff and their efforts.”

Make happiness a priority

The best part about Happiness at Work Week is that it’s a collective effort, where colleagues come together to celebrate the good things about working together. Team-building activities, lunchtime games, and group exercises can make the workplace feel like a more welcoming and comfortable place to be in.

This is true for Annis Livock, HR Co-ordinator at Roberts Mart. “Happiness at work is having a collaborative workforce where everyone has a voice and works together to achieve goals and objectives. I am far happier at work when I have a goal to achieve as it gives me a sense of purpose and drive.” This thought is shared by Jay Burfield, Creative Coordinator from FESPA, who says: “Teamwork makes the dream work. Positivity is infectious.”

Remember that striving towards happiness at work shouldn’t be confined to just one week. It’s a mindset that you can carry forward throughout the entire year. Encourage a culture of appreciation, positivity, and open communication in your workplace. “Respect is vital to ensure happiness at work. We need to be able to listen and take on board everyone’s thoughts and perceptions,” said Annis.

What makes you happy?

If happiness at work seems like an elusive unicorn, this week can be a good time for reflection; an opportunity to evaluate your job, your goals, and your work-life balance. Maybe it’s time to find more joy in what you do, or perhaps it’s time for a change. Happiness at Work Week can be the spark that ignites a transformation in your career.

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