‘She’s happy, and I’m very happy that she’s happy’: a relative’s perspective of our retirement homes

Laura’s mum Rose, a Southwood Court resident, had worked in print for 17 years.  Rose had been considering a move to Southwood for a while, and Laura persuaded her to take the next step after becoming increasingly concerned about Rose’s safety at home.

She explains: “I was worrying about mum all the time, particularly because of the stairs in her house. I think this is the best thing she could have done, because there, she’s fine. It’s a safe environment, lovely grounds and a cosy apartment. She’s happy, and I’m very happy that she’s happy. I am relieved that someone is ringing her to check on her every morning, and that she has someone she can call on if needed.”

Laura thinks Southwood is particularly appropriate for Rose for a number of reasons.

While Southwood Court is for independent living, residents still have people around them, and the Homes team looking out for them. There are social activities on offer if residents want to take part, but it’s entirely up to them if they do so or not.

A good decision for everyone

“I’m really pleased my mum is living at Southwood Court. It feels so homely, and it’s a really nice place to come and visit. Both the people who live there and the people who work there are lovely and friendly. Even though I’m not a resident, they know me now, and always say hi.”

Laura feels that Rose’s apartment is perfect. “There’s no question that the apartment is the right place for her. It’s been done up beautifully, with a big bathroom and a lovely outlook.”

Laura emphasises that anyone in a similar situation to her, concerned about a relative who could be eligible to live at Southwood through their own, or a close relative’s, print history, should go and have a look at it.

She explains that moving to Southwood is something that eventually she herself wouldn’t mind doing. “I can’t praise it enough,” she says. “I was bowled over when I first visited. There’s a really nice feel to the place, and it’s lovely and safe.”

There are currently vacancies at Southwood Court. To arrange to look around or discuss your circumstances, please contact our welfare team on 01293 542820 or email support@theprintingcharity.org.uk

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