The power of personal skills for career progression

2023 Personal Skills

Our 2023 Rising Star Award winners who used their funding for personal skills development

In the quest for career success, it’s typical to focus on acquiring technical know-how, certifications and experience in our chosen fields. These are undoubtedly crucial, but there’s another aspect to building a successful career – personal skills. These are those intangible qualities that define how we interact effectively with others, tackle challenges and navigate the twists and turns of professional life.

Our Rising Star Awards give young people aged 18-30 the opportunity to win a grant of up to £1500 to put toward any course that will enhance their career potential. Personal skills, sometimes referred to as ‘soft’ skills, are like the secret sauce that can turbocharge your career progression.

Winning has definitely given me a boost of confidence. Not only are my personal skills courses helping me in my day-to-day tasks at work, they’re also helping in my private life, too!

Gabby Solarek, trainee account manager at Eight Days A Week Print Solutions and 2023 Rising Star Award winner

Examples of personal skills

Communication. Being able to express yourself clearly, whether it’s in writing, speaking, or even through body language, is vital. Being a good communicator can open doors you never knew existed. From making great presentations to nailing job interviews, mastering this skill can take you far.

Teamwork. Being able to collaborate effectively, listen to others, and contribute positively to a team dynamic that makes things happen can set you apart in any professional setting.

Problem-solving, adaptability and time management. These are all examples of personal skills that employers love. Being able to think on your feet, adapt comfortably to change, and juggle multiple tasks without breaking a sweat can make you a valuable asset to any organisation.

Transferable skills. Whether you’re switching sectors, climbing the career ladder or starting your own business, building a personal portfolio of transferrable skills is like a safety net, ensuring you can thrive no matter where your career path takes you.

It’s not just a work thing – what you learn through this sort of personal skills development has a positive impact all round.

Gabby Solarek, trainee account manager at Eight Days A Week Print Solutions and 2023 Rising Star Award winner

2024 Rising Star Award applications are now closed.

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