“The courses I’ve chosen help me all-round as a person” – the value of personal skills development from Gabby Solarek

Gabby Solarek

Gabby Solarek is a trainee account manager at Eight Days A Week Print Solutions. She joined the company initially as an agency worker in the production team. Her Rising Star Award meant she could invest in her personal development, through studying courses in Communication Skills at Work, Customer Service Excellence, Assertiveness and Personal Effectiveness, Intermediate Excel and Time Management. With the skills she learns through these courses, she plans to hone her account management abilities. Along with the Rising Star Awards, this year Gabby has also won an award from the Strategic Mailing Partnership.

My Rising Star application inspiration:

From the moment I first heard about the Rising Stars, I knew it could be something that would help me lay down a stronger foundation to build my future career in print. I found out about the Awards around the same time I learnt I had got the job of Trainee Account Manager, so it couldn’t have come at a better time! I knew then I would need all the additional training I could get my hands on to help me grow in my new role, so gaining this award was an absolute blessing.

My courses:

I applied for four complementary courses: Intermediate Excel, Time Management, Customer Service – Getting It Right and Assertiveness Training. I was confident these courses would be most helpful in the early days of my new job, and beyond, and they are already helping immensely. Definitely the best choices I could have made! I’ve already completed two of the four training courses that I applied for. I really enjoyed them, and I can already tell the difference they are making.

The impact winning had for me:

Winning has definitely given me a boost of confidence! Not only are my courses helping me in my day-to-day tasks at work, they’re also helping in my private life too!

Where my courses will take me:

I know they’ll help me become more confident and structured in my role as an Account Manager, because they’re already having a positive impact, and not just at work. The Time Management course has helped me organise my time better, so I am more efficient at work and I also have a better work-life balance too.

My message to potential Rising Star applicants:

Go for it!! It’s not just a work thing – what you learn through this sort of skills development has a positive impact all round. My award has boosted my confidence, visibility and profile at work and the courses I’ve undertaken have helped in my personal life and work performance too. I couldn’t be happier. You’ve got nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Get your application in now!

You can join the Rising Stars constellation and shine in your career.

2024 Rising Star Award applications are now closed.

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